A short for my unborn son

Little Warren, I have gone from astonishment at feeling your first fluttering movements, fears of my ability, fears of the day you leave my belly, and shifting to suddenly feeling you kick my diaphragm with the strength of a pro soccer player. And I wonder who you will be. Will you be the calm consistent love like your father? With his hilarious sense of humor? Will you show blazing passion in your eyes like your mama? Will you share our determination? And undoubtedly push our limits? I just can’t wait to meet you and get to know your personality. I can’t want to get my hands on you! I look forward to the sleepless nights everyone insists on warning me of. I look forward to arguing with a relentless terrorist of a toddler and then a know-it-all teenager.

We are at 32 weeks and 3 days. And I am getting so impatient to meet you 😂 one day I’ll regret that I’m sure. But I can’t help it. You’ve already stolen my heart.

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