Mythical Motherhood

When I was young I always dreamt and wished to be in those mythical fairy stories.

Be a healer, a mender, a fighter.
Then motherhood came to me as it has to all such humans. Swiftly and fiercely.

I have felt like I have lost myself to changing diapers, feeding hungry tummies, entertaining the babies.

But it has dawned on me, just now, that I am very much living this dream.

I am a mender

A leader

A healer

A fierce and fighting mama bear

I am the entertainer, the bard, of my wee one. I weave beautiful, magical stories to tickle the imagination and wonder only small children have.

I teach him to listen to the wind as it winds through the trees and the leaves.

I teach him to see and respect the woodland creatures.

I teach him to care for the earth and care for the creatures around him.

I have been gifted the most magical position of all. Mother.

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