No New News

Fake news bullshitGobble it up 

All ‘new’ shit

But this ain’t new shit. 

See this news shit is just like that old shit

We just have it fed to us intravenously 

We have all this knowledge at our fingertips and we treat the platform like a land fill

Our inhumanity 

Our pseudo socialism 

Be the socialite, snap a picture, edit edit edit, show the world. Aren’t you having fun?

Please can I have some more

I’m already drowning 

Drowning in the things that bother us

The things that keep us up at night 

Please may I have some more

Knowledge is ‘power’

But they disable us

Force feed the new information, news inflammation, lets talk about inflation

They feed on our fear and turn us on each other

It’s all too big to conquer

Brain over load

Circuit misfire 

What’s this new fire?

Oh we’re just making the same mistakes we did 75 years ago. 

United we stand, or divided we fall.

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